Each month this year, Amplio will be highlighting a different non-profit partner providing job preparation and job training within the refugee communities we serve. More than just words, we are committing to financially support the work of the partner we select each month and want you to join us! We will match every dollar given to the Amplio Foundation this month, up to $1000, in support of this month’s partner.


In the 1940’s, World War II became the “most global war in history,” and also the deadliest. Massacre, bombings, genocide, and nuclear warfare left lives, economies, and entire countries devastated.

In Europe, homes and factories were destroyed. As Winston Churchill described, it was “a rubble-heap, a charnel house, a breeding ground of pestilence and hate.”

It was in this aftermath that a group emerged. Evangelicals, burdened for the needs of war-torn Europe, began shipping food and clothing overseas, channeling them through a network of European churches. They became known as “The War Relief Commission”.

The organization grew, and so did their efforts to “empower the local church to serve the most vulnerable.” A decade later they changed their name to encompass their widespread work. Now known as World Relief, the organization has provided aid and development work in nations worldwide. From displaced and traumatized Rwandans to Hurricane Katrina survivors, they have shown up in time of need, time and time again.


Beyond their well-known disaster response for survivors of war and natural disasters, World Relief provides help to other vulnerable groups through initiatives such as:

  • Child disease prevention and treatment
  • Financial and agricultural production training for the impoverished
  • Peace-building initiatives in conflict zones
  • And Refugee and immigration services

Their refugee and immigration program began in 1979, after an influx of Vietnamese boat people began arriving in America. Recognizing “that refugees need help at every step along their journey,” they provide an extensive network of services including:

  • Initial resettlement
  • Employment
  • Legal
  • Counseling
  • Youth education
  • And much more

Since 1979, they’ve welcomed and assisted over 300,000 refugees in the United States, helping them regain their independence and dignity.

World Relief is one of nine government-authorized refugee resettlement agencies in the States, and the only authorized agency that identifies as Evangelical.

But the recent White House crackdown on immigrant and refugee resettlement has taken its toll. Historically funded by federal grants, the organization has been forced to pivot in order to continue offering their vital services.

Joshua Sieweke, Director at World Relief Atlanta, explains, “Our biggest accomplishment last year was securing private funding for an ESL program.”

And now, he says, they are proactively working to secure private funding for 50% of their annual budget.

Outside of the stark decrease in government funding over the past couple of years, their other greatest challenge, he shares bluntly, has been the apathy of the church.

“God loves refugees and wants His people to love them too,” Sieweke articulates. “Many churches do not care about the suffering that we see.”

“World Relief is the only Evangelical voice at the resettlement table,” adds Amplio Recruiting CEO, Chris Chancey. “I think it’s very important that we continue to support the Church’s role in serving the sojourners and the immigrants among us.”

At Amplio, we are proud to partner with World Relief in connecting refugees to viable job opportunities that will help them thrive. Recently, we’ve partnered together to pilot some incredible programs that we’ll share more about in the coming weeks.


World Relief Atlanta has been very creative and innovative in the way they’re pursuing serving the community, in spite of the lack of funding they’ve received from the government this year, due to the change in political rhetoric,” Chris shares about the partnership. “It’s evident to us that Joshua and the team are committed to economic development for the refugee community, despite these growing challenges.”

You can help. Will you join us to partner with World Relief to serve world’s most vulnerable?

This month, every dollar you give to the Amplio Foundation will be matched and given to support World Relief’s work in our community and around the world.  

To learn more about World Relief, visit their website at www.worldrelief.org

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