Managing a construction function, be it residential, industrial, or commercial is full of challenges. The same can be said for companies specializing in facility maintenance. You know how to plan critical paths. and you have systems in place to handle most any contingency. So why are projects running behind schedule? If the answer is labor-related such as excessive OT and turnover that is causing scheduling nightmares, it’s time to reach out to Amplio Recruiting, a staffing agency with a unique approach to increasing clients’ productivity.

Refugee Workers Bring Stability to Production Schedule


The team of managers at Storr Office Environments were fed up with poor performance and frustrated with the lack of construction skills available on the market. Finding workers who would show up on time, dressed appropriately and work hard had become nearly impossible. This especially affected their bread and butter projects, specialty installations.


Shortly after engaging Amplio Recruiting, the staffing company deployed 15 refugee workers to Storr. Roughly half were employed as general labor while the rest were trained in special installations.


Installation schedules were met, morale of the regular workforce increased as did the overall productivity of the workforce. Management no longer worried about having a full crew of motivated workers who arrive on time, dressed for work, and ready to learn.

Typical roles we fill

  • General Labor
  • Carpenter
  • Pipefitter
  • Apartment Maintenance
  • HVAC Technician
  • Electrician Assistant
  • Pipe Threader
  • Stone Fabricator
  • CAD
  • Wallboard Installer

Tapping a Temp to Perm Market Often Overlooked

In an economy that is at near full employment, construction companies need to be creative to attract the kinds of dependable, productive workers they want. In the cities where Amplio Recruiting operates a staffing agency, Atlanta, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, and Raleigh-Durham, we have connected with and recruit from refugee communities.

Refugees are legal residents, have been stringently vetted by Department of Homeland Security, have valid Social Security accounts and Green Cards. We confirm their status through E-Verify. Most have conversational English language skills, and many have construction skills learned in their homeland. But what makes them so attractive to our construction clients is their unique perspective of life in the U.S. By definition, refugees fled a country that threatened them and their families. The freedoms and opportunities offered in America are viewed as life changing gifts. That gratitude translates into a highly motivated, dependable, exceptionally productive workforce. They believe in the American dream.

Call us now and we’ll be happy to run down the specifics on how our construction clients have stabilized their labor situation and increased productivity using refugee workers.


The effort, energy, and excellence they bring is fantastic.

Patrick Riesenburg, Road Crew Director, DCC, Atlanta GA

Hard work translates in any language.

Cody Lagana, Field Team Lead, Storr Office Environments, Raleigh-Durham NC

It has reaffirmed my faith in the American Dream.

Kelly James, President, RJames Properties, Atlanta GA