• Our comprehensive staffing solutions include both temporary and permanent (direct hire) options to fill positions in the warehouse, hospitality, construction, and manufacturing industries.
  • We take the work out of workers comp and payroll, by sending you one weekly invoice to pay— our expert team takes care of the rest.
  • Workers come to you pre-screened. Our commitment is top-notch, legal, drug-free workers every time.
  • We are dedicated to exceed your expectations, and provide excellent customer service in every interaction.
  • Unlike other Dallas-Fort Worth staffing agencies, we’re the only one connecting you to the dependable refugee workforce. Tired of turnover? Our highly-motivated employees can help.

Don’t stay stuck in a rut. Put an end to your company’s tiresome labor shortages through the hard work and dedication of the Dallas-Fort Worth refugee community. Call our office to talk with a representative about filling your staffing needs today.


Hire reliable employees today

Amplio is ready to staff your business with our dependable refugee workforce. Tell us what your team needs and we’ll find you the perfect fit.

Yonten Basnet

Recruiting Coordinator
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Dallas-Fort Worth’s Refugee Community

• Texas is one of the most historically welcoming states for new refugee arrivals.

• In FY 2019, Texas resettled more refugees than any other state, taking in approximately 9% of the 14,808 total refugees admitted.

• The Dallas Fort-Worth area attracts many of these newly resettled refugees. It is often referred to as the “melting pot of America” because of its distinct diversity.

• Dallas Fort-Worth refugees are eager to give back to their community. As the city continues to develop, refugees are playing a key role in the health of the economy as they fill crucial labor shortages.