• At Amplio Recruiting, we provide temporary and permanent (direct hire) staffing solutions that work for your business. Whether you’re in the construction, manufacturing, hospitality or warehouse industry, we will provide top-notch help that will put an end to your company’s labor shortages.
  • We believe your time is valuable. We take care of workers comp and payroll for you and send one weekly invoice. It’s that simple.
  • Every Amplio employee is e-verfied, background checked, and drug tested so you can be sure you’re not wasting valuable time, energy, and resources on workers who won’t stay.
  • You can count on our team for exceptional customer service every time. Unlike traditional staffing companies you may have worked with in the past, we’re committed to your long-term success and satisfaction.
  • We’re Houston’s only staffing agency connecting great companies with the dependable refugee workforce. Stop fishing from the same old pond of unreliable workers. Fill your team with our motivated, flexible, and intuitive employees.

There’s no need to stay stuck in the cycle of high turnover. Call our Houston office today to get the help you need.


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Amplio is ready to staff your business with our dependable refugee workforce. Tell us what your team needs and we’ll find you the perfect fit.

Yonten Basnet

Recruiting Coordinator
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Houston’s Refugee Community

• In FY 2019, Texas welcomed more refugees than any other U.S. state, resettling 9% of the 14,808 total admissions.

• A large majority of these individuals made their home in Houston, a diverse city of over 2.2 million residents.

• Since the 1970s, more than 70,000 refugees from 78 countries have settled in Houston. Houston’s abundance of nonprofit and religious organizations have played a huge role in helping the refugee community acclimate and succeed.

• As Houston’s economy continues to grow, refugees are playing a key role in filling crucial job openings that could otherwise hinder economic progress.