You know that the success of a hospitality business depends on customer satisfaction. You also know customer satisfaction is driven by more than just the staff that interact directly with the customer. There are people in the kitchen, on housekeeping teams, manicuring the grounds, replenishing supplies, cleaning the facility and so much more. These people sometimes don’t even see a customer, much less directly interact with them. But their performance has a direct impact on the customer’s perception of service.

If your support services are understaffed or are experiencing exceptional OT and turnover, you are facing an existential challenge. In an economic climate of near full employment, finding reliable, productive staff is far more difficult than it was a short time ago. You may have tried, unsuccessfully, to augment your regular staff with a temporary service. Remember, most staffing companies face the same challenges as you do. Amplio Recruiting however, takes a different approach with significantly better outcomes.

Refugee Staffing Company Solves Customer Smile Shortage


The Atlanta Athletic Club and golf course was woefully understaffed when they reached out to Amplio Recruiting. Having just terminated their former staffing company for poor performance, the club’s regular workforce was overwhelmed and customer service levels were slipping.


Within a couple of weeks, Amplio deployed 20 refugee workers to fill hospitality positions such as kitchen assistant, turf management, line cook, locker room attendant, kitchen utility worker and audio-visual technician.


Positive reports began flooding in soon after placement from co-workers and club members alike. Morale in the regular staff increased and the club was back on track with excellent customer service.

Typical roles we fill

  • Line Cook
  • Groundskeeper
  • Janitorial Staff
  • Housekeeping
  • Kitchen Utility
  • Audio Video Technician
  • Locker room Attendant
  • Server
  • Cook/Baker
  • Shift Manager

Exceed Your Customer’s Expectations Using Refugee Support Staff

Amplio Recruiting operates a staffing agency in Atlanta, Raleigh-Durham, Dallas-Fort Worth, and Houston. Each of these cities have significant refugee communities. We recruit from these communities. Refugees have been vetted by DHS, are legal residents and have green cards. Amplio confirms their status through E-Verify. Nearly half have conversational English skills and some have postgraduate educations.

But what makes them so valuable to employers is their unique experience of life in America. Refugees are not economic immigrants. They fled their homeland to escape conditions that threatened themselves and their families. They view the freedom and opportunities offered in the U.S. as a gift. That optimistic outlook translates into a dependable, highly motivated workforce that shows up on time, ready to work, eager to learn, and delighted with OT. This workforce will put smiles back on the faces of your customers and reduce your stress levels. Contact us now and let’s discuss how you can benefit by employing these highly productive workers.


Send us 20 more! They are the best workers we have!

Isis Marquez, Kitchen Manager, Dallas Athletic Club, Dallas, TX

The refugee employees brought with them a strong work ethic that raised the bar for our team across the board

Peter Lovelace, Club Director, Atlanta Athletic Club, Atlanta GA

The team members from Amplio that have worked alongside us are some of the hardest working and respectful men we’ve had the pleasure of working with.

Kelvin Allen, General Manager, BCJ Sports & Entertainment Services, Atlanta GA