Who We Are

Amplio Recruiting is a multi-city staffing agency connecting companies with the dependable refugee workforce.

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What We Do

We take pride in providing top notch employees to companies across the U.S. in industries including, but not limited to: light industrial work, hospitality, and construction. (Feel free to contact us about your specific industry, and we’ll be happy to determine whether or not we can meet your needs.)

We work with the most fluent and well educated members of the refugee community to bring dependability and efficiency to your company. When refugees find employment, they are loyal and committed, meaning companies will see a dramatic decrease in turnover. A decrease in turnover becomes a drastic savings in hiring and training costs.

Case Study – How Gourmet Foods International Decreased Turnover By Hiring Refugees

When production manager Orlando Morrow reached out to Amplio, he was skeptical the staffing company could provide what others hadn’t – dependability.

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We’ll take on all the risk of hiring employees and provide you with the best available talent on the market. We look forward to serving you and helping your company become more profitable and efficient.

Why Amplio?

At Amplio, we diligently strive to ensure that all employees are qualified and experienced to exceed your company expectations. Drug tests and background checks are completed on each applicant to provide you with a drug-free and e-verified workforce. Additionally, reliable transportation and English fluency are a must.

While other staffing agencies are sourcing talent from the same labor pool, we’re the only agency connecting you with the legal and motivated refugee workforce.

Here’s what our clients had to say about their experience:

Before Amplio, every week I would go through 8 or 9 people. Turnover was, like, 90%. It was straining my full-time employees. Now, we have built our workforce. We have dependability. Our overtime dramatically dropped. The help came in and relieved our full-time workers. We were no longer stressed out and strained. Our employees are grateful. I don’t have to keep training people every day, and I’m happy about it.

Orlando Morrow, Production Manager

Gourmet Foods International, Atlanta GA

When Amplio says there’s going to be five guys ready at 7:30am, there they are. They not only show up on time, they’re there early. Their willingness to help is what really shines over every other staffing company. They’re willing to stay late, while keeping a big smile. Hard work translates in any language.

Cody Lagana, Field Team Lead

Storr Office Environments, Raleigh-Durham NC

When I find someone who has the desire to work, the capability to work, and a good attitude, I’m all in. I can’t describe well enough how kind, courteous, appreciative, and attentive the refugees we’ve hired have been. I’ve also noticed many refugees prefer second or third shifts so they can be with their family during the day, work another job, or navigate the city when it’s less crowded. Since we run 24/7, that is a great fit for both the employee and us as the employer.

Taylor Kulovitz, Area Operations Manager

Elliott Electric Supply, Dallas-Fort Worth TX