I began playing in the middle school band in sixth grade. The saxophone was my woodwind weapon of whimsical wonder.

I poured hours into memorizing Greensleeves and practicing scales at home. I became passionate seemingly over-night to master my new trade. I was the only kid in my grade dragging my saxophone, in its less than convenient to carry case, to all my athletic practices and quiz bowl competitions that occurred after band class.

I look back on that time and realize my teacher’s presence is what brought the best out in me.

Mr. Carter’s passion became my passion.

When it comes to leadership, there are few better examples of influence than that of the orchestra conductor. My sixth grade band class was far from an orchestra, but Mr. Carter’s leadership was obvious, nevertheless.

1.) A conductor empowers the musician to perform, despite never actually playing an instrument himself
2.) A conductor inspires individual responsibility and corporate unity
3.) A conductor instills specific role clarity for each musician
4.) A conductor deposits his passion into each performance

Leadership is all about influence. Be determined to influence individual responsibility that results in corporate unity. Allow your passion to spill over onto all those involved. Lastly, and quite possibly the best lesson we can grasp is to create as much role clarity as possible for each person in our area of influence. Influence comes after consistently delivering excellence.

We want to help you with Atlanta recruiting so that you can focus on influential leadership. Staffing Atlanta is our specialty and much like learning to play the saxophone, we want to be excellent at our area of focus. It’s our passion to place talented refugees with great Atlanta companies. We desire to take all the guess work out of the hiring process and introduce you directly to your next great employee.