Karen Hall is no stranger to the challenges of human resources. A two year veteran at Gates Corporation, a parts distribution center located in a rural community well outside outside of of the urban sprawl of Atlanta, she is responsible for everything from recruiting to retirement—and everything in between.

She assiduously manages the company’s 75 employees and roughly 25 temps that work in two shifts, pulling and packing orders of package hoses, water pumps, belts and more.

“It’s a very fast-paced, busy environment,” Karen explains, “We have production metrics for all of the employees. We’re constantly trying to improve the way we do the job and stay on task.”

Several months ago she stumbled upon an NPR interview with Chris Chancey, CEO of Amplio Recruiting, who was sharing about the benefits of hiring the “refugee workforce”. The prospect of increasing dependability and efficiency piqued Karen’s interest. She called Chris to learn more, and shared the struggle she had in finding enough dependable employees in a rural community to meet their production quotas. She eventually ended up signing contracts to fill three temporary positions at Gates—Daywoe, from Liberia, and Waleed and Norri, from Afghanistan.

The company has been pleased with the results—so much so that they hired on Daywoe as their first permanent employee last month. By this, they have given him the opportunity to achieve the American Dream he has always longed for.

Daywoe has lived in the United States for over a decade, but this job marks the first that has given him and his family the financial stability they need. The move from temporary to permanent employee has provided him with a pay increase, amazing health benefits and extensive fork lift training. This financial stability has enabled him to purchase a reliable car, and even put a down payment on a house for his family.

Daywoe was lit up and excited about the pay and benefits,” Karen shares, smiling. “He works so hard to get up to speed in production. He’s very conscientious.”

Daywoe, Walleed, and Norri have made an impact at Gates, and not just because of their “excellent performance”, as Karen explains:

“People are people… and people—refugees and people in general—want to be able to provide a good life for themselves and their families. They just want to be given a fair shot.”

Here at Amplio, we’re grateful for the way Gates Corp. is leading the way in opening the door of opportunity for refugees, giving them that “fair shot.” We recognize there are many challenges for manufacturing companies hiring in rural areas around the country and we desire to be a vital partner in providing staffing services for these companies.

If you a socially-minded businessman or woman, or are simply looking for ways to decrease turnover and increase dependability and efficiency at your company, we would love to connect to tell you more about the benefits of hiring the Refugee Workforce.

If you are in need of labor staffing in a rural location, reach out to us so we can determine potentials ways of serving your company. Visit our website to learn more, or give us a call for more information today.