We asked several business leaders around the world to share about a Biblical passage that has inspired them in business. We compiled all the responses into a devotional entitled “Bible on Business” for the YouVersion Bible App. We desire to be more than an Atlanta recruiting firm. Staffing Atlanta companies is certainly our main goal, but we hope to inspire our clients with this content. The following is a guest post for this content.

Your Opportunity

We have an opportunity in our day to day business life to make a difference. Many times these opportunities are viewed as obstacles or challenges and no matter how scary or how much we fear them, it is through Gods power we are able to get through them.

Some examples might be working with non-believers or working in difficult environments. Your situation may be hard to deal with and you find yourself wondering why you are in this position and how it could ever turn into an opportunity from God?

I have found myself in this position many times throughout my career and constantly find strength in the story of Esther.

Mordecai believed Esther was placed in the King’s household by divine appointment to do God’s timely work. He had witnessed the power and faithfulness of God unfold over the years and sensed God was bringing all the pieces together. He pleaded with Esther to put her life on the line because he believed in the promises of God. It took an unparalleled amount of courage for Esther to go before the king.

We have our opportunity as Esther had hers.

Difficult situations are no excuse for failing to perform the duties God puts in front of us. With opportunity comes choice and we can choose to sit back or to grasp the opportunity we have been given and draw from our faith and make a difference.

With God we are able to face those fears head on and accomplish what he has put in front of us. God also helps us overcome those fears through our faith and obedience to him. We can choose, just as Esther did, whether or not to respond. It serves to remind us, God takes care of us no matter what the circumstance.

Dianna Benavides is a regional director for EmployBridge and resides in Houston, Texas. Compiled by Amplio Recruiting.