Working alongside various staff members means we encounter all types of cultures and beliefs. In the same way, we experience all types of backgrounds while  staffing Atlanta companies with the talented refugee workforce. More than Atlanta recruiting, we desire to provide great content. The following guest post was compiled for the YouVersion Bible App entitled “Bible on Business.”

Work Relationships

I really didn’t think I had time for the board meeting but I had invested in this company so I made the trip to California. My flight was filled with e-mails and the beautiful drive north of San Francisco was consumed by phone calls. The board meeting was uneventful and I wondered if I should have made the time to come all the way to the West Coast.

After the meeting we went to dinner with a member of our advisory board, a robust man in his 80s who had been a renowned architect a few years earlier and now had retired to his ranch on the Russian River in Northern California.

Over dinner, our conversation moved to talking about world peace and a solution to global conflict. My architect friend proposed designing a city with a perfect environment for collaboration among its inhabitants. I proposed a model where everyone would be focused on serving God, serving each other, and following Jesus. He accused me and other Christians of thinking we were the only ones who knew the truth.

The truth discussion led us down the path of what Jesus said and I quickly realized my friend had never read the Bible. So, when I returned home I bought him a Bible and sent it to him asking him to accept the gift and read the book of John.

Several weeks later, he responded, thanking me for the gift and informing me he had read two thirds of the entire Bible and was enjoying connecting with his Creator!

This whole conversation was a gift from God and I almost missed this opportunity because I was so focused on my own obligations.

So what “good works” has God prepared for you today?

Durwood Snead spent 26 years is business and is currently the Director of GlobalX at North Point Ministries. Compiled by Amplio Recruiting.