We undertook a huge project recently to compile a devotional on business for the YouVersion Bible App entitled “Bible on Business.” Our main focus is staffing Atlanta companies with the talented refugee workforce. Additionally, we want to provide great content for business owners which is why we tackled this project. The following is a guest post from this series.

What would an organization look like if it were a manifestation of the Kingdom of God on earth?

The Kingdom of God manifest in my business would affect not only the day to day operations, but also the way I care for the spiritual journey of my staff and clients. I’ve listed a few specific examples of how my business could best reflect Christ:

  • Ensuring the business as a whole has a positive impact on the world
  • Excellence in our products and services
  • All staff are paid fairly
  • All staff have an opportunity to learn and progress, even if that means moving to another company
  • Compassion and mercy are shown to staff and clients if they suffer difficult circumstances in their personal lives
  • Ensuring a positive and healthy work environment – physical as well as emotional
  • What is right is put ahead of what is profitable
  • Turning the other cheek, instead of “going for the jugular” – Avoid Revenge
  • Remaining humble and grounded
  • Always marketing with integrity; under promising and over delivering
  • Avoiding workaholic behavior, mitigate burnout

How does your workplace measure up?

For me, seeking the Kingdom of God to be manifested in my business is a daily pursuit. Therefore, I will continue to pray as Christ taught us, “Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven.”

Heather Maloney is the founder of Contact Point IT Services and resides in Melbourne, Australia. Follow along with Heather on Twitter at @ContactPoint. Compiled by Amplio Recruiting.