Staffing Atlanta

Yesterday I spent the afternoon taking a couple refugees to a job interview with Synergy Systems, a local company providing parking lot cleaning and maintenance services for businesses in the Atlanta metro area. Ali is a refugee from Iraq who fled his home country when racial tensions flared up against the Kurdish people group. San is a refugee from Bhutan who also fled his home due to civil unrest. They found themselves riding on the chaotic I-285 perimeter highway in rush hour traffic in my red Ford F-150 comparing their journeys to America. They both performed well in the interview and were fascinated with how the fleet of street-sweeping trucks operated. This job was a 3rd shift opportunity where they would drive a truck and clean the parking lots of Atlanta’s best restaurants and malls from 9pm at night to 6am in the morning.

The ride back to Clarkston turned to conversations about faith. Ali shared about his Muslim roots and San talked about the core beliefs of Buddhism. I shared about what makes Christ’s life and death unique to the Christian faith and we all agreed to learn more about each other’s beliefs. San is hoping to get this job so he can attend an 8 month electrical training program during the day and spend some time with his family. Ali had a job delivering furniture for a local company that went out of business. Both men are looking forward to contributing to society and their families.

This is why we are staffing Atlanta companies with the talented refugee workforce. These guys have lived through so much and deserve an opportunity to have fulfilling work. We help companies experiencing labor shortages all over the city with Atlanta recruiting in construction, maintenance, healthcare, and skilled labor positions and would love to do the same for you! Contact us today!