Over the past three years, Amplio has built profitable partnerships with incredible companies who are opening their doors to the refugee workforce. Engent, a microelectronics developer and manufacturer located in Norcross, Georgia, is among them.

Engent has been leading the way in world-class production, development, and engineering services since their establishment in 2003. The company has worked hard to build an expansive portfolio, since, with clients ranging from start-ups to Fortune 50 companies, and projects including medical devices to POS terminals and everything in between. Behind these vital innovations are expert engineers and an efficient and ambitious warehouse team—including refugees.

Engent was first connected to Amplio, in May 2016. In need of qualified and dependable labor, and attracted by the mission to help the growing refugee company find work, Engent soon discovered other benefits to hiring from within this untapped labor pool.

Through its partnership with Amplio, the company began saving somewhere between $1-1.50 per hour, increasing revenue by reducing labor costs. Additionally, they noted an increase in efficiency, coincided with a decrease in employee turnover.

Because of the nature of their work, Engent needed the flexibility to find the right people, quickly. While other staffing agencies were more interested in plugging in a person, Amplio, rose to the challenge of filling Engent’s needs with the right person.

But the company is not alone in benefitting from this partnership. Because of Engent’s willingness to open their doors, many refugees have been given the ability to provide for their families, and begin re-building their lives here in America. Management is passionate about treating employees like family, and giving them opportunities to advance within the company, like Banny Javed, of Pakistan.

Banny began as a 3rd shift warehouse worker, and has worked his way up to serving as an apprentice to the electrical engineers. Full of hope and ambition for the future, Banny is taking evening engineering classes to, one day, be a lead engineer.


Currently Engent has 8 permanent refugee employees that were connected through Amplio, many of whom play a part in manufacturing of headlights for Tesla Motors.

Recently, Amplio CEO Chris Chancey, along with a representative of Tesla, drove a brand-new Tesla to the Engent warehouse so that the team was able to see how their work contributes to the overall product.


The feedback Amplio receives from partnering companies, like Engent, is consistent: Refugee employees are loyal, dependable and hard-working.

“I’m inspired by their humility and gratitude, given all they’ve been through. These guys are all over-qualified for the work they are doing here, but they bring their best effort everyday,” says Jack Schiener, Engent warehouse manager.


How can the refugee workforce add value to your company? Join with Engent and dozens of other companies opening the door of opportunity to this qualified and motivated labor pool.

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