Staffing Atlanta companies with the talented refugee workforce is our main priority. Along the way, we would like to provide some Biblical perspective on work for our clients. The following is a guest post and was used in addition to others in a devotional plan for the YouVersion Bible App entitled “Bible on Business.”

Stewardship: Part II

The things that we are given to steward have an owner, and it is not us. The verse says, “…he entrusted to them his property.”

I tell people I own a company. They agree. Bill you have a great company they say. So I believe it. But this verse says I steward His company. He entrusted to me His property. Which one is it?

My behavior will reveal what I believe.

I had a company for over 25 years. One day, my finance manager informed me I must provide $350,000 in 14 days, or we would have to close the business.

Years earlier, when I believed I was the owner, it would be my problem and I would worry, lose sleep, and pressure my friends to get the money to save the business. You probably already know how anxiety feels.

But this time I believed I stewarded the company, so I reported the problem to the true owner. I told Him He needed to come up with $350,000 in 14 days, or I, His faithful steward, would have to close His company.

Then I asked, “What do you want me to do?” He said, fast and pray. So I did.

On the 8th day, $172,000 came in and on the 11th day a major customer changed how they paid us and sent $200,000. So in 11 days we received $372,000 which was more than enough to cover the $350,000 need and the company continues to exist today.

During the process of going through the 14 days, I did not have anxiety. I did not worry. I was looking to see what the Lord would do after I reported His problem to Him. Since it is His property, I felt certain He would act for His own benefit. And He did.

We are used to thinking is terms of me doing things or Him doing things. Actually, it works best when we do things together. He does the heavy lifting.

Because I did not take on a task of solving His problems, I did not take on more responsibility than I was supposed to. He promises an easy yoke. If my yoke is heavy, I have picked up the wrong one.

Bill Job has been a faithful steward of multiple businesses throughout China. Compiled by Amplio Recruiting.