The following is a guest post and is part of a compilation of Biblical thoughts on work from business leaders around the globe. Staffing Atlanta companies with the talented refugee workforce is our passion as is encouraging business people with Biblical leadership advice. You can find the entire devotional on the YouVersion Bible App entitled “Bible on Business.” We hope to inspire your leadership as we handle Atlanta recruiting.

Sometimes our problems are such there is no solution in sight. If we are not the ones who created the problem we can find ourselves at a dead end trying to solve it. There may be factors beyond our control or people whose decisions and actions determine the outcome. At such times it is important to remember the path we choose to find the solution is as important as the solution itself.

Problems can be opportunities to learn to depend on God. Nehemiah led the people of Judah to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem in 446 BC. Opposition goes with the territory of being a leader. Nehemiah was no exception and had his fair share of opposition. He faced problems which were not within his control. Some of these problems were created by people with malicious intent, but he refused to buckle under pressure, continued to do his work and remained focused on his goals.

Even though Nehemiah was a man of action, his prayer life was not neglected. He blended practicality and spirituality in order to solve the problems he faced. What a great example of a leader he is for us.

He knew action is necessary for results, but action backed with prayer guarantees success. When his enemies plotted against him, Nehemiah realized that this was not a problem that he could solve in his own strength. Instead, he sought God’s help in dealing with it.

Nehemiah prayed practical prayers that showed reliance on God while he kept on with his task. Likewise, if we rely on God when faced with problems, we’ll have the ability to press on with our work and to reach our goals.

Joseph Vijayam is the CEO of Olive Technology and resides in Colorado Springs, Colorado. You can keep up with Joseph on Twitter at @josephvijayam. Compiled by Amplio Recruiting.