I enjoy the wisdom of a good book and the opportunity to share it with others. However, instead of another boring book review, I’ll simply compile my favorite quotes from some incredibly insightful books and add my two cents in along the way. I hope Atlanta companies who are looking for help in recruiting and staffing will find resources like this helpful.

Today’s book, The Secret by Ken Blanchard and Mark Miller is chock full of simple, yet profound leadership guidance.

Blanchard & Miller use a storyline to expound on a huge secret in leadership: serving others.

The following are my top 3 quotes.
1.) Creating vision is the privilege of a leader.
2.) If you stop learning, you stop leading.
3.) With every pair of hands you hire, you get a free brain.

It is imperative as business owners that we are humble and strategic. Humble in that we never take the opportunity to lead for granted and never stop learning. Strategic in that we inspire and influence those working for us.

Some additional thoughts surround the idea of Servant Leadership popularized by Robert Greenleaf just after the industrial age of business in the United States. Miller & Blanchard discuss ways in which to engage your employees deeply. Hopefully these are employees we have placed with your company! They use the acronym SERVE to discuss each letter:

S – See and Shape the future

E- Engage & develop others

R- Reinvent Continuously

V-Value Results & Relationships

E-Embody the Values

These important aspects of servant leadership are integral to our process of recruiting the best possible candidates for your open positions and ensuring we are staffing your company with people who truly “embody the values.” We also desire to see the companies we partner with to provide great talent have a culture of engaging and developing others.