This week I had the opportunity of taking two recently resettled refugees to an interview in Atlanta. As an Atlanta recruiting firm we are staffing Atlanta companies with the talented refugee workforce. We specifically focus on skilled labor staffing and was approached by a local fashion designer with a growing product line to help her find seamstresses and tailors that could do customs work and had a true passion for detailed sewing. Martha from Brazzaville, Congo in Africa and Abdul from Tehran, Iraq in the Middle East both agreed to join me for the interview. We rode across town from Clarkston to Marietta street on the West side of Atlanta mostly discussing their sewing experience and survival stories. Upon arrival, we met the lead designer and she showed us some of the fabrics they work with as well as some of the recently produced products. She also showed Martha & Abdul some sample designs they would reference for cutting and sewing fabric. We then sat in a conference room and Abdul & Martha each told a couple staff members their story and answered some questions about their experience.
Finally, they took Martha & Abdul into the sewing room to look at some patterns and sew a few items to get a feel for their ability. Both Martha and Abdul had a few questions but both did well on their test fabrics.
After we left, there were some mixed feelings from Martha & Abdul on their performances. However, I heard back from the designer that evening requesting them to both come back in for an extended trial session with more fabrics and patterns.
Only time will tell whether or not Martha & Abdul find work. Abdul is an excellent tailor and was classically trained in Southern Iraq. Martha has sewn everything from the clothes she wears to airplane seat covers. This job will be a stretch for both of them, but they are up to the challenge. They certainly have persevered up to this point and I don’t see any quit in them yet!
This is why we do what we do. In skilled labor staffing we can provide refugees a fresh start for themselves and their families. But it’s a win for everyone, because so many companies are experiencing labor shortages and need legal, experienced, and hard working people. We are ready to help you whenever you are ready to grow your team and decrease turnover. Staffing Atlanta with the talented refugee workforce. We are your labor shortage solution.