As always, I place a high emphasis on stewardship when it comes to the conversation on how involved businesses should be in social justice efforts.

In the end, this quote by Steve McKee, president of McKee Wallwork Cleveland sums it up quite candidly:

“There is nothing wrong and everything right with companies’ doing good. But the first and best way for a company to do good is to do well.”

May we be business leaders that impact social change over the long haul, not just when it is popular.

However, even more importantly, may we be great stewards of all of our resources in the process.

Chief among our resources, are our teams. The people we have been entrusted with to lead and have the opportunity to serve.

Engaging our people and helping them find fulfillment in their work is one incredible  way we can do well. In fact, the people we bring on our team each have a story.

For refugees, their story begins in their home country with meaningful employment. For a host of reasons they were forced to flee to neighboring country most often without their family. In their newfound home, they could hopefully find work and make ends meet while attempting to locate their family. For some, they’ll be connected with the United Nations and potentially take residence in a refugee camp for an extended period of time. A few will have the opportunity to start over in a new country as a legal resident, most of which end up in the United States. These refugees will be resettled in one of thirty cities around America. Of approximately 40,000 refugees resettled in the United States each year, nearly 4,000 will be brought to the Clarkston community just Northeast of Atlanta.

They’ll wake up in America, the land of opportunity, with very little to their name. Giving them a chance to work is giving them a chance at starting over. This is the talented refugee workforce and we are the staffing Atlanta experts.

Let us focus on Atlanta recruiting so you can do well.