Social entrepreneurship upholds a greater purpose for business than simply profit to shareholders. This guest post was written for the Bible on Business devotional plan for the YouVersion Bible plan. We desire to not only provide excellent Atlanta recruiting services, but Biblical leadership advice as well. Staffing Atlanta’s great companies with the talented refugee workforce is our passion, which allows us to operate as a socially good company.

Required for Business

Making business decisions can be difficult. We never have all the information we need. The decision is never without a certain amount of risk. Doing business in a way that honors God can add another layer of complexity to how we make decisions. What does God expect of us?

The passage in Micah 6:8 comes in the middle of God’s discourse with His people. They are saying that its too hard to follow God’s ways. He expects too much.

And then the Lord responds: How have I burdened you? Here is what I have done for you: led you out of Egypt, redeemed you out of slavery, taken care of you in the wilderness. And now do I expect you to make great sacrifices for Me? Give your firstborn for your sin?

No, not at all. He shows you the simple way of His requirements: to act justly, to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.

To act justly is a legal concept that is both procedural and substantive. Doing justice is about taking up the cause for the weak, orphans and widows — those who have been wronged. When we do business justly, we see our business in context of the system in which we live. Its not just about profit, but what does our business practice do to or for the people around us. Does it provide jobs? Good jobs? Does it pay people fairly?

Loving mercy can be translated as Kindness or Loyalty. Are we loyal to our Lord in our Monday practices as well as in our Sunday practices. A business that blesses individuals, families and communities shows our faith and loyalty to the Lord in practice, not just in words.

Walking Humbly with our God is the spirit of knowing that God is sovereign and that all of our business belongs to Him. Its asking Him to be part of my decision process for my businesses. Taking time to pray before I make a decision. Quietly submitting all of it to Him.

Complex? Yes, business IS complex today. But simple too in that He isn’t requiring great sacrifices, but just simple obedience to His ways and plans. He has said if we lack wisdom, we should ask and it will be given to us.

Do Justice, Love Mercy, Walk Humbly. This is the path to peace and contentment in business.

Nora Hughes is the director of Business 4 Blessing providing resources for businesses throughout Asia.