Work should be joyful and fulfilling. We want to provide that opportunity for refugees through Atlanta recruiting services, but we want to offer great content as well. The following guest post was compiled for the YouVersion Bible App entitled “Bible on Business.”

Rejoice at Work

Each weekday when I enter the workplace I naively hope this will be a day free from problems, issues, or emergencies. Invariably my yearning for that one, rare, trouble-free day is dashed, sometimes with a very difficult emergency!

I have come to realize, the real problem is not the troubles I face, but with my response to them. My normal response ranges from aggravation to anger, but those are not biblical.

Consider the events of Acts 16. Paul & Silas are in Philippi, carrying the Gospel to the Gentiles. An Angry Mob drags them to the magistrate and they are severely beaten and thrown into jail. The jailer locks their legs in stocks. Paul & Silas are in a very bleak situation: beaten, bloodied, imprisoned, and locked in chains.

Somehow they respond by praising God and rejoicing! And God responds by bringing the jailer and his whole family to salvation!

Just as they did, rejoice in the situations the marketplace brings your way. Thank God, not just IN bad circumstances, but FOR them, because therein reside the best opportunities to represent Christ.

Scott Emmons is a Civil Engineer as well as Lead Pastor at Trinity Evangelical Presbyterian Church. Compiled by Amplio Recruiting.