It seems one can’t turn the channel without hearing more devastating coverage of the heightened refugee crisis. Once just a number, these faces and stories are drawing attention to the once disregarded cries of over 65 million displaced individuals, worldwide.

We’ve all seen the photos: War-torn cities. Families fleeing with only a few belongings and a handful of hope, determined to build a new life in America the Beautiful.

Perhaps your heart goes out to them. Maybe you’ve considered ways you can get involved and help these devastated families who have arrived on our shores.

Perhaps you recognize the pain and suffering, but do not think the solution is found here, on U.S. soil.

Regardless of opinion, the decision we have to make is this:

How will we treat those refugees who have completed the strenuous requirements of admission and now call America home–

Do we simply ignore them and leave them to re-build on their own?

Or do we choose to see their potential, and invest in each individual?


Our experience, at Amplio Recruiting, is that the refugee workforce is an incredibly motivated and talented pool of individuals who simply need to be matched with the right opportunities.

With labor shortages in construction, manufacturing, healthcare, hospitality and logistics industries on the rise, we believe these hard-working, dependable individuals are the answer to this epidemic. These strong and enduring refugees bring not only cultural and ethnic diversity to the workplace, but strong personal values as well.

Don’t let the media fool you—there is no shortage of manufacturing jobs here in America. Only a shortage of capable and desiring employees to fill them. This is not due to a skill-gap, as many have suggested, but simply a lack of available applicants due to disinterest.


Refugees are the answer to this lack. Eager to provide for their families and establish new lives, their dependability can keep companies operating at full employment, saving both time and money.

Leading companies such as Starbucks, IBM, LinkedIn, Goldman Sachs, Airbnb and Google have taken notice and are actively assisting refugees in the re-settlement process, providing valuable training and employment.

Join ranks with these cutting-edge companies who are investing in these worthy individuals. We at Amplio Recruiting would love to help connect you with the talented refugee workforce. We make it easy, ensuring that all the proper legal and financial structures are in place to create safe, enduring and productive partnerships.

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Ignore or invest—what will you choose?