I had enjoyed sleeping over at my friend, Wayne’s home, the night before that fateful day.

Wayne and I had gotten up that morning and had leftover, cold pizza for breakfast. We decided to head outside to play catch, but as we made our way outside, Wayne did something that would have a major impact in my life.

He hit the garage door button, and proceeded to run toward the garage door as it began to raise off of the ground. I watched in amazement as he grabbed onto the garage door and hung on it while it moved into the open position!

This was one of the coolest things I had ever seen. Like finding cash in an old jacket pocket, I had just discovered an amusement park ride in my very home. The best part was that it was free and there would never be a line to wait in!

When I got to my house later that day, I was ready to try out my very own garage door ride. Mom and Dad were not home when I hit the button and sprinted for the garage door. I leaped in the air and outstretched my arms, caught the door, and immediately regretted my decision.

Apparently my family opted for the cheaper version of the garage door models than Wayne’s family had, because one side of the garage door jumped completely off the track and came crashing down to the ground, while the other side stalled half way up. Screws went flying around the room, some we’ve still yet to find.

I could never get away with anything when I was a kid, but I gave it my best effort to pull and push the garage door back in place to hide my disastrous mistake. About that time, my dad drove up the driveway from work and pressed the garage door opener in his car as he was accustom to doing. This caused the garage door to begin convulsing and I was certain it had come to life and was preparing to pulverize me for placing it in such a perilous position. My Dad had seen my little legs scurrying around in the garage thanks to the side of the door that was stuck halfway up and came to my rescue, not yet realizing I had caused the problem to begin with.

I faced many consequences for that stunt but have learned a great deal about business from looking back on the events of that day.
Chief among the business lessons from that situation are thoughts on expectations.

Just because it worked for one person does not mean you can follow the same prescriptive steps to success. Wayne had ridden his garage door with glee, but my monkey impression brought on much the opposite.

Secondly, do not try to leap into business alone. The path of entrepreneurship can be heralded as the lone ranger with a crazy idea, but even those success stories usually had a star in the supporting role. A partner or a team in your business will ensure you don’t go jumping off a cliff or hanging on a garage door. They’ll also be there to rescue you whenever you find yourself running in circles, dodging flying screws, and screaming like a banshee.

We’ll help you find a partner to storm the hill with. Our unique approach to Atlanta recruiting will ensure we discover the perfect match to take your business to the next level.