In some ways, having to post content to a blog each week and staffing Atlanta companies with the talented refugee workforce seem like opposite missions. We see our blog content as a supplemental help for business owners beyond our normal Atlanta recruiting practices. If anything will better equip business people to lead and serve their staff and customers, then its in line with our mission. Therefore, we recently undertook a massive project to compile a 31 day devotional on business. It is available through the YouVersion Bible App under “Bible on Business.” The following is a guest post from this project.

Kingdom Law

In the world, we are taught that if we are tight with our money, we will gain more, yet the law of the kingdom is the opposite. Give and it will be given unto you. Withhold and you will come to poverty. It sounds upside down, but how often is this true with the things God asks of us? He had to die to bring life. Death led to victory.

There is very often joy in obedience. As we give, it changes our hearts. Have you met a happy person who is stingy or a very generous person who is not happy? The Bible also tells us it is God who gives us the gift of enjoying wealth. I think this comes from having a generous heart.

This is as applicable in a commercial environment as it is in our personal lives. Companies and leaders who understand this dynamic build prosperous businesses.

Quick Prayer: Holy Spirit, please cause me to have a generous heart, a fruit of your presence in me. Amen.

Mark Bilton is the author of Monday Matters and Founder of Called to Business based in Sydney, Australia. For more faith & work content, follow them on Twitter at @calledto. Compiled by Amplio Recruiting.