When money or your reputation is on the line, it can be very difficult to be a person of integrity.

You could cut a few corners and still be on budget. You could fudge the numbers to get that promotion.

However, if you have developed your character as much as your business acumen, you can be committed to leading with integrity, no matter the consequences.

Hidden within the word “integrity” are four letters: G-R-I-T. This is the key to integrity.

Be determined, before you are placed in an uncompromising position, that you will stand firm and do what you know is right.

In our best of intentions to snatch the coat tails of the elusive American Dream, we can’t allow our integrity to fall by the wayside.

You always have a choice to be filled with integrity. You just have to fight for it.

Integrity is all about consistency. You need to know what you are going to get every day. If your team does not know what to expect from you everyday, you are not a leader.

The problem many charismatic leaders face is they allow their ability out run their integrity. You can not allow this to happen because character is the one thing you can always improve upon. It’s the one area you can always grow in.

I’ve witnessed some amazing character in many of the refugees we serve. Many have exhibited remarkable integrity in the face of great tragedy. In one recent example, I was in the process of helping a refugee from Afghanistan secure work with an excellent company. Though he was in desperate need of work, he had made a pact with his roommate, also from Afghanistan, he would not accept a job with a company unless his roommate was hired as well. The company only had one job available at the time, therefore Ahmad turned down his opportunity out of commitment to his roommate. This is the kind of integrity paramount in all we set our heads and hands to.

We desire to do Atlanta recruiting with companies known for great integrity. Staffing Atlanta occurs best when integrity exists all the way around.