Humbition has been defined as you might expect: the blend of humility and ambition that drives successful people.

It is a rarely observed character trait, simply because the two pervasive cultures in the United States, either teach the impact of one or the other, but usually not the potential influence of the combination.

The marketplace is greatly concerned with ambition. If you work hard enough, you can achieve anything. Pounce on every opportunity and take advantage of whomever and whatever is necessary to get to the top. Exploitation and manipulation are disgusting tactics of unbridled ambition. With this mindset, patience is not a virtue and “no” is never taken as an appropriate answer. After all, the American Dream cannot be obtained without engaging the virtue of ambition.

However, what were to happen if these two traits were infused?

A humble person with an ambitious attitude of constant improvement and an open mind to collaboration with others would be unique to say the least. Moreover, what if this type of person injected this type of leadership into their business? An organization with a culture of humbition would be nothing short of successful.

The building block of humbition must be woven into the culture of your business. It is a balancing act of both admitting and learning from your mistakes as well as making confident, aggressive decisions.

We desire to do Atlanta recruiting with humbitious companies. Businesses that are growing and in need of highly talented and capable staff to sustain the growth are the best partners to hire and onboard members of the talented refugee workforce. Staffing Atlanta can be complicated, especially when high turnover exists in your industry, but the highly educated and motivated refugees we serve are ready to work and commit to one fulfilling job. They are ready to be loyal members of your team. Contact us today!