Why does an Atlanta recruiting company need  a blog? Good question. We believe we can have impact beyond staffing Atlanta companies with the talented refugee workforce. We can also provide great content like the following guest post from a project we compiled for the YouVersion Bible App entitled “Bible on Business.”

How to Forecast

I was once part of a team evaluating the idea of a new luxury lodge hotel in Western North Carolina. The facility wasn’t to be a mere Ritz-Carlton but a super-luxury, experience-driven hotel for the ultra-wealthy. Nothing like it had ever been done before anywhere near this location. The leader of the team believed in the famous movie line, “if we build it, they will come.”

Despite the data which indicated this clientele did not travel to this location, leadership believed fundamental U.S. travel patterns could be changed through this vision. A strategic plan was created, a world-class architect was engaged, financial projections were assembled, and a “pitch” was made to a billionaire Texas family to invest in the project.

Hopes were high and all the right pieces seemed to be in place. And then the project died. After what seemed to be a sure partnership following the pitch, the investor went silent. Funds ran out to continue the plan and additional market data poured in overwhelmingly unsupportive of the idea. So what happened?

The book of Proverbs may reveal the answer. In life and in business, there is no more practical book than this one. And of all the verses in Proverbs, there are few others that have been as profoundly impacting in my short business career.

The author describes a radical shift in focus, trust, and confidence for the business professional. Instead of leaning or relying on your own intellect, skill, wisdom, insight, team, board, employees or market forces, we are to lean on the Lord.

How much does a person lean? With ALL of the heart and mind.

When is it appropriate to lean on Him? In ALL of your ways or, said differently, in EVERY decision, plan, forecast, meeting, presentation, interview, conversation, etc. At all times and in everything we do.

What is the net result? HE WILL guide and direct your paths to be plain, evident and straight. This is a promise.

In submitting to the Lord, we acknowledge His supreme wisdom and insight and can be counted as a true disciple of Christ.

Scott Denbow works in Real Estate Investment Management and resides in Atlanta, Georgia. Compiled by Amplio Recruiting.