Social media has changed the rules of marketing.

Advertising has historically been a one-way street of communication. Radio ads, newspaper and magazine content, as well as billboard space are all traditional examples of the one-sided conversation pervading the business to consumer marketplace.

However, social media has changed the rules of marketing and created an incredible opportunity for businesses to listen, learn, and leverage their existing customer base.

Unfortunately, 90% of businesses are not taking advantage of this opportunity and continue to see social media as another one-way advertising medium. Businesses are investing millions of dollars into creating online brands, yet they are ignoring their customer’s praise and feedback on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The rules have changed and so should your strategies. Engaging with your customer base humanizes your brand and makes it genuine. It communicates more community and less conglomerate. It assures your customers that you care and appreciate their support. Best of all, it encourages further viral promotion of your brand within your target markets.

But what does social media have to do with staffing Atlanta or Atlanta recruiting? We believe it matters a lot because it ties into the story you are telling to the world. Are you a great place to work? Do you treat your employees well? Is your company a great place to work? If so, then share these facts openly. Tell the world how you go about serving your staff. With this policy in place, it will require you improve the way you treat your team or it will raise the bar on the way others in your industry treat their employees.

One amazing story we’d love to help you tell, is the process of staffing Atlanta refugees. Open your company to the talented refugee workforce and you will not regret it. Your team morale will improve and your employee turnover will decrease drastically.