If your passion for excellence in your work manifests itself in borderline obsession, I know how you feel. As the snow piles up from the blizzard settling in for the weekend in Denver, Colorado, part of me longs to be productive. However, nature’s intermission on my work week gives me the amazing opportunity to catch my breath.

This tension is common among many Americans. It is a form of workaholicism that leads to a special type of chronic neck pain caused by “heads down” thinking. We should strive to engage in “heads up” thinking regularly to prevent charging off the intended course. Therefore, let’s consider a few very important questions:

1.) Do you have an intentional, planned time in each day for solitude and reflection?
2.) Do you plan the work and then work the plan, leaving the rest for the next day?
3.) Are there any habits that you need to stop or start in order to be more efficient?
4.) Do you remind yourself daily of the precious gift you have in life and work and put today’s worries in perspective?

In answering these questions, you will begin to realize that life is bigger then your work, but at the same time you may recognize how vital your work is to your identity. Finding fulfillment in your work is integral to experiencing life to the full.

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Look back at question four. Share the precious gift you have in life and work with refugees looking for an opportunity to provide for their family and find fulfillment in their life and work.

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