2 Timothy 1:7 – For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.

These words penned by Paul in an effort to spur on his mentee, Timothy, can be best grasped by the modern day entrepreneur. The disciplined risk-taker with courageous passion is just the type of person God uses to positively impact the world.

These are also the kinds of companies we enjoy recruiting for here in Atlanta. We love to partner with bold, innovative businesses with a strong culture of stewardship and creativity. Humbition is possibly the best word to describe our favorite partners to provide staffing for. Companies that have ambition and humility baked into their culture will be able to sustain the ebb & flow of the startup stage and build a sustainable foundation for long-term growth. These types of companies hire people that show up at work everyday ready to do their best to move the company’s vision forward.

With all the complexities in finding the right people for your team and giving excellent service/creating excellent products in the current marketplace, it’s hard to imagine a one line from the Bible offering much insight or direction. However, this verse stands as a proclamation to business people to work with an optimistic and courageous outlook for the future, be decisive, graceful, and stay focused. Our power resides not in our ability to demand results, but in our propensity for being proactive. Love in the workplace is characterized by treating each other with dignity and respect, especially those that are new hires we helped recruit! Self-control involves the ability to be patient count the costs of our words and actions. With this combination of attributes at your disposal, you can properly represent the character of Christ in your workplace.

We’re grateful to serve Atlanta companies and help them meet all their recruiting and staffing needs!