How would your employees answer this question:

What are the benefits of working for this company?

Some may answer it’s a résumé builder, its good experience, another rung along their corporate ladder ascent. A great health benefit package or a strong brand presence will captivate others. The unique competitive advantage your company possesses, the opportunity to work with a talented team, and of course, great pay could all be perceived benefits of working for a company. How would your employees answer the question?

How would you like them to answer? Do the answers align?

Would it be hokey to desire the greatest benefit your employees gain from your company is fulfillment? Many people are walking this Earth, as unfulfilled zombies, and I’m not blaming the workplace for this travesty. However, I do believe each of us were created with specific talent to offer the world and are fulfilled when we use those abilities. It happens to be our work is the best outlet to use those talents.
Is it a stretch to believe you could provide intentional opportunities to ensure each employee is engaged in work that challenges and motivates them?

The intangible benefit of fulfillment has ranked over money in numerous surveys as the one thing people would improve about their working situation. Moreover, a tidal wave of millennials are crashing into the workforce with a strong desire to “Love what they do and do what they love!”

This was declared boldly in a graduation speech made at the University of Georgia’s commencement services last semester. Katie Miller, a double-major in international affairs and public relations, stood before her peers and proclaimed the voice of her generation in saying, “We were not made to sit safely in the harbor. Instead, we were created to sail the open seas in the direction of our fulfillment.”
So how does your workplace measure up?

How are you meeting the demand of an unengaged workforce?

Answering these question make you a stronger partner for hiring refugees through Atlanta recruiting and staffing Atlanta.