Maintenance Staffing in Atlanta | Amplio Recruiting
This past week we received several leads requesting Atlanta recruiting services for skilled labor industries such as machine operation and carpentry. One commercial janitorial company reached out with a unique request that typifies the seriousness of the labor shortage in Atlanta and across the country. The owner of the company said he was tired of lengthy job descriptions and simply wanted to find someone with common sense. He added that he would soon be taking out an ad in the AJC as a last ditch effort to find someone to fill his open positions.
This a strong statement on the state of companies finding their own employees and reflects hours of wasted time in searching, interviewing, training, and firing the wrong candidates apparently with no common sense. The business owner had to drop his standards so low, because he’s been so disheartened by trying to find and keep good people on his team. Like many Atlanta companies, this business owner admitted he could grow his business but is hamstrung by the lack of talent available in the workforce. Just imagine the impact on our economy if so many of the businesses held back by labor shortage were able to meet the demand for their services.
At Amplio, we believe there are an ample supply of good people looking for a career, because we interact with them everyday. We immediately connected this business owner with a refugee named Hiru from Ethiopia. She was previously employed by the airport cleaning terminals and came to us by way of Cafe Clarkston.
After completing a phone interview, Hiru completed an in-person interview. We are hopeful this will be a great match for both parties involved and that Hiru will enjoy a fruitful career.
We are excited to have placed a strong candidate with such a great company Staffing Atlanta companies with the refugee workforce.