There are a plenty of problems in the world, but none more devastating than poverty.

Poverty keeps people’s opportunities for growth extremely limited and exposes people to disease. Even the worst of natural disasters do not come close to being as destructive as poverty. 164,000 kids were killed by measles and 881,000 lives were taken by malaria in 2011. These diseases prey on those in poverty’s grip because of unstable living conditions such as poor sanitation, a lack of access to clean, potable water, and malnutrition. Therefore, from these two stats alone, over 1 million people died from preventable disease in 2011 as a direct result of poverty.

Fortunately, there are some ways to fight this injustice. The most common means of attempting to help people in the world is through providing relief. Peter Greer of HOPE International, a microfinance organization defines relief as a “rapid provision of temporary resources to reduce immediate suffering.”

Money, medicine, food, water, and clothing are examples of potentially helpful forms of relief. However, to truly help people out of poverty, we must move from providing relief to influencing development.

Continuous relief only builds up a dependence on those who are willing to give; whereas continuous development creates an opportunity to further the gift.

I truly believe the most beneficial form of development is found in business.

And it’s certainly true for the refugees our clients employ. Simply by providing meaningful work for the refugees we serve, business is having a tremendous impact. Beyond employment, finding fulfillment in their work fosters a sense of dignity, respect, and pride.

Atlanta recruiting can be a nightmare especially when your turnover rate is already higher than you would prefer. We do staffing Atlanta with excellence and will place refugees with your company that are intelligent, legal and loyal. We are excited to serve you and help equip your business to have an even greater impact!