Staffing Atlanta companies with the talented refugee workforce is our mission along with providing Biblically based content to encourage people at work. The following guest post was compiled for the YouVersion Bible App entitled “Bible on Business.”

Bad Math

Many of us have been taught bad math.

We’ve learned two formulas in particular which lead to a lack of clarity about what God wants to do in and through us.

We’ve learned that “Great Commission = clergy” and “professional = laity.”

The almost inevitable result of this bad math is to think the people who hold real value in God’s eyes are the clergy, the fulltime religious workers. After all, we are told, they are all about “the Lord’s work,” and they serve Him in “fulltime ministry.”

The flipside of our conclusion is that, sure, laypeople have some value, but it’s more about the money they make (and give as tithes and offerings) or the abilities they have (“hey, would you be interested in teaching a Sunday school class?”).

But that’s not what the Bible teaches! Look at what Peter writes in 1 Pet. 2:9, and then get ready to jump for joy (out of your plush leather executive chair, or off of your factory floor, or… well, you get my point). Did you read it? If you are not jumping for joy, maybe I can help.

The “you” Peter calls chosen and royal and holy and belonging to God are not clergy. They are laity! He is writing about the whole body of Christ, not just a select few. In other words, the “you” is YOU! You the business professional! God has chosen YOU to proclaim His excellencies.

The calling and privilege is not merely reserved for a few fulltime religious workers. It’s for teachers and doctors and engineers and lawyers and entrepreneurs and business people. It’s for YOU!

Have you considered how you can best leverage your job, your skills, your career, your company for the sake of God’s glory among your neighbors and among the nations?

João Mordomo, is a Great Commission entrepreneur, serving God in various positions with several companies in Brazil and throughout the globe.