Why flat fee pricing?

We offer one price for any position because we are committed to finding you the best match for the job opening, no matter how prominent the role. Whether back office or customer facing, every position on your team is important. So why should you pay different prices, as if we will not work as hard to place some candidates as others?

We believe in our system and recognize your loyalty to our company is on the line with each candidate we recommend. Therefore, every recruiting request will receive the same amount of attention and we will not rest until we have contributed the best possible candidate to your team.

Other job recruiting firms will charge you outrageous prices to help you recruit an executive but much less for a copy editor. Obviously the executive job is more integral to your company than the role of a copy editor, but we desire to supply you with the best available in each position.

This separates us from other job recruiters in Atlanta and lets you know what to expect and how to budget for upcoming job recruiting requests.

This is just one more way we are making hiring simple. Trust us and trust our system. You’ll be glad you did.

Beyond trusting us, you can trust the talented refugee workforce we serve. Staffing Atlanta and the metro area with deeply motivated and highly educated refugees is our passion. We desire to provide Atlanta recruiting services with great and growing Atlanta companies and believe our flat fee pricing is just one reason we are the premier staffing Atlanta option for your business.

Allow us to provide you with great talent to help you go further, faster so you can continue to do what you do best. Your company is our first priority.