Jobs in Atlanta are about to #RiseUp!

In 2013, 60,000 jobs were created in our industrious city. The economy favored Atlanta even more in 2014 as over 100,000 jobs were created. So will the uptick continue? Economists are answering in the affirmative, estimating over 140,000 new paying positions in the metro area.

The only time Atlanta has come close to 140,000 jobs was in the glory days of 1996. The Centennial Olympics were coming to town and 147,000 ATLiens were hired to ensure we were ready when the whole world was watching!

So what does this mean for you? There will be more competition than ever for great jobs and Atlanta job recruiters will be busy matching up the right people to the right open positions.

In this type of market where competition is high, you’ll need our help in staffing Atlanta and the surrounding metro area with the top talent.

As job growth and job creation spikes, more refugees will be entering the United States than in previous years, meeting the job growth demand perfectly, right? Wrong. This incredibly talented workforce has so much to offer the American marketplace, but they are also incredibly invisible. They could serve as the backbone to the economic growth our country would experience as jobs are filled, turnover decreases and manufacturing and production is reliable once again. Unfortunately, unless things change, many jobs will go unfilled while many capable and intelligent refugees sit idly hoping for an opportunity to work. The system is against them, but that does not mean we have to be!

Capitalism solves so many problems our country faces and this is certainly one more. Refugees are streaming in our borders as legal citizens, ready to work and provide for their families. Atlanta recruiting may hold the key to Atlanta’s growth and economic impact over the upcoming few years. Staffing Atlanta and the surrounding area with talented refugees is our passion!