100% of all refugees resettled in the U.S. are legal to work upon their arrival to the United States. Refugees are vetted more extensively than any other arrivals to the U.S.


87% of refugee households in GA are working and self-sufficient within 6 months of arrival.[1]


There are approximately 7.1 million open jobs in the US and only 6.2 million individuals hypothetically “looking” to fill them.[2] Meanwhile, approximately 3 out of every 4 refugees who enter the United States are prime-working age and desire to work.[3]


As manufacturing demand increases, experts predict the industry will need to fill an estimated 4.6 million positions by 2028, or risk losing $454 billion in value. One out of every five refugees who enter the United States fills a job in the manufacturing industry.[4]


In 2015, refugees resettled in the US earned a collective $77 billion in income, contributing $21 billion in taxes.[5]


73% percent of US businesses employing refugees reported a higher retention rate for refugees than for other employees.[6]


At a time when U.S. companies are struggling to find job applicants who can pass drug tests, the largest refugee employer in Atlanta says 100% of refugee applicants over the past 4 years have passed their mandatory drug screening.


On average, 13 percent of resettled refugees start businesses. In 2015, over 181,000 refugee entrepreneurs generated $4.6 billion in business income, providing jobs, goods, and services for thousands of Americans.[7]



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