To know you would even consider making an introduction to a factory or warehouse in Atlanta is a huge honor. Thank you for being willing to put your reputation on the line for talented refugees looking for a great opportunity to add value to an Atlanta company and provide for their families.

We do not take introductions lightly. Every company we are currently working with and many others in process came to us from an email introduction like the one drafted for you to use below.

Do you know someone who works at a company with a warehouse or a manufacturing plant in the Atlanta area?  The closer to Clarkston, the better! Your contact will know the right person to introduce us to within the company even if they are not involved with hiring. Whether or not the company is currently hiring, getting us on the radar of a warehouse or factory by sending the below drafted email would still be a valuable connection for us to follow up on later in the year.

Please feel free to edit this draft as needed and then copy, paste and send to a friend on our behalf. Please CC us on the email ([email protected]) and we will follow-up promptly and professionally.

Subject: Hiring at (company name)


I’d like to introduce you to Chris Chancey from Amplio Recruiting, a staffing agency placing legal refugees that have resettled in Atlanta with local warehouses and factories. I thought your company might be a potential partner for Amplio and wanted to make this connection. Who would be the right person on your team to connect Chris with?

(Feel free to mention how you know this person if it would add more validity to the email: Chris, Samantha and I went to school together at UGA and I know she’ll help you get connected if possible.)

Hope you can connect with each other soon! Thanks!

-(Your Name)

It’s that easy! Copy and paste this into an email and let’s help some more refugees find fulfilling work and make Atlanta the top city for refugee employment. Thank you for believing in the #RefugeeWorkforce!