Thank you considering helping us recruit refugees and provide them with meaningful employment. We have strong relationships with several non-profits operating in the Clarkston community and throughout Atlanta where refugees have been resettled. These non-profits help us recruit refugees for the open positions we have available. Our recruiting efforts are also supported by an active team of refugees who are deeply connected to their ethnic communities and desire to see more of their neighbors find meaningful work. There are a two specific ways you can be involved in the recruiting process.

One way to engage is by signing up for our weekly “Current Job Openings” email. If you live in the Clarkston community or volunteer with various ministries in Clarkston, having access to a list of jobs that are available would be beneficial for those you are serving as well as help us complete the mission of making Atlanta the leading city for refugee employment. Many people have signed up for this email announcement so they can print it out and take it with them to wherever they serve and post it on the wall or give it to refugees looking for work. Simply visit our Find A Job page and sign up for this weekly announcement.

The other way to engage is to volunteer your time by building relationships in Clarkston, both with refugees and non-profits on our behalf. You can visit locations around Clarkston to share our open positions and help decrease unemployment and make Atlanta the leading city for refugee employment. We can give you specific instructions and suggestions on where to go to invest in the community to represent our mission so that more refugees can find fulfilling work and provide for their families.

Thank you for considering serving the refugee community in this capacity. If you spend to long in Clarkston, you may find yourself looking at homes for sale and making the move into the community!