Applied Ceramics, Inc. is a world-class technology and manufacturing company, located in Atlanta Georgia. “Applied has a great reputation for being a family owned business with strong moral convictions that directly impact the positive influence they have on their employees and the community,” remarks, Chris Chancey, founder of Amplio. “They were one of a short list of businesses we hoped to work with from early on in the business, because we wanted to be associated with great companies like theirs.”

We sat down with the Vice President of Applied Ceramics, Lee Mitchell, to hear about the company’s experience with the refugee workforce.



What were your problems before hiring with Amplio?

“We had a lot of in and out. People would come onboard and wouldn’t meet the standard of what we needed. We were having problems not being able to sustain our workforce because we were growing so significantly.”


What has been your experience since hiring the refugee workforce?

“It has been great. We’ve grown significantly over the past two years and needed to bring people on quickly—quality people who could learn quickly and do a good job—the refugee workforce has done that. Amplio came in, heard our needs, and started placing people. Our sustainability rate really increased—that was a big deal for the company.”


What would you say are the benefits of hiring the refugee workforce?

“The benefits are significant. Refugees want to work. They want to have jobs. The employees we’ve brought on have had a great attitude. They show up when they’re supposed to show up, and they learn quickly. So not only do we have short-term workers to simply fill gaps, but I believe they will stick with our team for the long-run.”


The refugee workforce is the workforce that will increase your company’s productivity, and decrease costly turnover, while boosting morale. After nearly five years in business, we are more convinced than ever that hiring refugees is not only a socially responsible decision, but also a profitable decision for your company.

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