At Amplio, we consider it a privilege to connect great companies with the most hard-working and dependable employees on the market—the refugee workforce. But our biggest “win” is when those individuals get hired on permanently.

Recently we were able to celebrate with Daywoe Nimeley, as he moved from a temporary to a permanent position at Gates Corporation, where he’s been working as an Amplio employee since fall of last year.

For Daywoe, this upward move has brought about more benefits than he could have even imagined. But perhaps the most impactful of all— stability.

Stability is not something many refugees take for granted, including Daywoe. Born in Liberia, a country infamous for its ongoing wars and civil unrest, he was seemingly born “on the run”. Education was intermittent for him and his seven siblings as they moved back and forth from different cities and villages to protect their lives, eventually landing in a refugee camp.

It is estimated that less than 1% of refugees are fortunate enough to ever be resettled. In 2006, Daywoe and his family became included in those lucky few.

Approved for entry into the United States, the family resettled in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia. By now Daywoe was seventeen, and staring down the daunting challenges of learning a new language and procuring a job, in spite of his limited education.

A decade later, now with a wife and two young children, Daywoe still found himself struggling to make ends meet. He worked long days at two different jobs, but still faced seemingly insurmountable financial difficulties.

While working as a barber, a customer told him about Amplio Recruiting—a staffing company helping refugees find gainful employment. Daywoe took down the number and called and was connected to Luke Keller who immediately began working with him to find the right fit.

Daywoe remembers this first visit—“When I came to look for a job, I wasn’t a professional kind of person. I was struggling. Luke looked beyond all that and embraced me and treated me like a professional.”

Luke walked him through the application process and connected him in a warehouse position at Gates Corporation, a nearby distribution center for vehicle parts.

“It was the fastest job I’ve ever got!” Daywoe shares, excitedly.

At Gates, Daywoe works with approximately 100 other employees and temps to pull and package hoses, water pumps and belts.

From day one he dreamed of being hired on full-time, and was not shy about it.

“From the beginning he wanted to be hired,” laughs Gates Corporation HR representative, Karen Hall, responsible for the company’s recruiting, relations, and more. “He would ask, ‘When are you going to hire me?’ and I would say, ‘Have patience.’”

Daywoe’s patience paid off. Last month he achieved his dream. Upon being hired permanently, Daywoe will receive an increase in pay, amazing health benefits and paid training on various equipment, including forklift, that will improve his skillset.

“He took in everything the supervisors gave him in order to be successful,” Karen explains. “His performance is excellent. Daywoe works so hard to get up to speed in production,” and adds, “He’s very conscientious.”

But his ambitions don’t end there—Daywoe says he’s working hard to learn more, “bigger” equipment, adding “The more you learn the more you earn!”

Daywoe is among thousands of motivated and loyal refugees searching for opportunity across the U.S. With labor shortages on the rise in construction, manufacturing and service industries, we believe the answer lies within the dependable refugee workforce.

Contact us today to learn about the benefits of hiring individuals just like Daywoe to bring dependability and efficiency to your company.