Dear Clarkston,

As Thanksgiving approaches, I’d like to take one moment to tell you thank you.

When we started our business to help refugees get jobs in Atlanta, we knew very little about you and the beautiful people that call you “home”.

We did, however, believe that you were comprised of hard-working, resilient people who simply needed  an opportunity to prove themselves in the marketplace. We believed you were made up individuals with big hopes and dreams for themselves, and their families, and that your challenging pasts had birthed within you a strong resolve for the future.

You, Clarkston, have proven our beliefs true time and time again. You have shown up, worked hard and held your heads high. Every time you  walk onto the construction site, clock in to the manufacturing plant, or step into the kitchen we see your pride and your determination shine bright.


You are home to the refugee workforce…and the more you prove this ideal to be true, the more you become Atlanta’s only answer for continued economic growth. You are not just the most diverse square mile in the country, but you are home to a people of limitless potential and undeniable dignity.


With these ideals in hand, we believe not only will you fill the jobs that this city is dependent on, but you will start the companies that Atlanta will one day be known for.

Thank you for your relentless and joyful pursuit of a better life. We are grateful for you.



Chris Chancey, Amplio Founder & CEO