You’ve heard the saying, “What’s in a name?”

The answer, we believe, is everything. 

That’s why, when CEO Chris Chancey founded Amplio, he deliberately chose a name that would encompass the company’s mission and beliefs.


On a visit to one of our offices, you are most likely to hear African and Asian immigrants speaking Farsi, Arabic, French, Hindi, Swahili, and other native languages. Amplio, however, is a Spanish adjective, meaning “broad, wide, spacious”—ample.

From the time of Amplio’s conception in 2014, and still today, we believe in the abundance of both dependable workers and good jobs within the United States.


Today, news and political agendas would lead us to conclude that there is a staggering lack of available jobs and opportunities in our country. But this simply isn’t true.

According to a recent article by NPR, there are millions of jobs currently left unfilled across the U.S., particularly in the construction and manufacturing industries. So how did we get here?

Our current-day “psychology of scarcity” can be traced back to the arduous years of the Great Depression, the economic downturn of the 1970s, and the housing collapse of 2007-2008. These temporary struggles proved challenging to our long-held beliefs about freedom, and the abundance of opportunities and resources to those who will pursue them. Our new mindset causes us to fear giving jobs to immigrants at our own perceived loss.

At the same time, companies struggle with a different, but equally challenging lack. With Millennials seeking more “meaningful” work experience and Baby Boomers retiring, companies are left to believe that hard-working and reliable laborers are now fantasy. They settle for shortages, unable to find highly-skilled, dependable workers who can keep their company moving in the right direction.


These perpetuated scarcity mindsets are not only misconceived, they’re detrimental. To lives, to businesses, and to the overall economy. Families remain on welfare; companies lose productivity; the economy suffers.


At Amplio, here is what we know to be true:

There are ample good jobs.

There are ample dependable workers.

Our unique mission– connecting the two.


We believe that when this happens, lives are better, companies are more efficient, and our economy is more stable.

Don’t let the lies of scarcity keep you from the vast benefits of hiring from within the refugee workforce. Let us use our unique vantage to supply you with dependable and efficient workers, who can take your company to the next level.

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