Make a difference in the life of an Afghan family

Does your organization desire to do something to support Afghan refugees, but not sure how? We’d love to guide you through a process where your organization, no matter your size or location, can make a huge difference in the lives of an Afghan family!

On October, 25th, the White House announced a new initiative to allow communities across the US to engage in the resettlement of approximately 50,000 Afghans currently living on military bases around the country. The Sponsor Circle initiative is the first time private sponsorship of refugees will occur in the US in over 40 years. This represents an incredible opportunity for community organizations to serve and care for Afghan refugees.

Is your organization willing to host one or more Afghan families for 90 days?

What is Required?

We’ll help organizations navigate through the following requirements. Don’t let this list intimidate you. No matter how big or small your team, we have incredible resources and volunteers to help you through this process:

  • Commitment from 5 community members over the age of 18

  • Fundraising of at least $2,275 per individual welcomed;
  • Helping to secure housing;

  • Providing basic necessities (furniture, clothing, food, etc.)

  • Assisting in completing relevant paperwork to access documentation and public benefits for which the newcomers may be eligible;

  • Connecting to relevant services, including health care, education, and legal assistance;

  • Supporting in English language acquisition;

  • Helping to secure employment; and

  • Providing community orientation, friendship, and moral support.

How Can I Get More Info?

Fill out the contact form below and we’ll reach out to you to discuss your situation in detail, answer your questions and help you determine if your organization would like to take part in this program:

Community Organization Sponsor Circles

Which of the following requirements is your organization most capable of providing? (Select more than one)

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