Fill your open positions with Afghan Allies!

Do you desperately need to fill open positions within your business?

Does your company desire to do something to support Afghan refugees, but not sure how?

We’d love to guide you through a process where your company, no matter your size or location, can add work authorized, dependable Afghan refugees to your team and become fully staffed.

On October, 25th, the White House announced a new initiative to allow communities across the US to engage in the resettlement of approximately 50,000 Afghans currently living on military bases around the country.

These individuals are referred to as “Afghan Allies” because they have supported the US military in some capacity over the past 2 decades in Afghanistan before being targeted by the Taliban for their affiliation with America. These Afghan Allies are strictly vetted by the US Dept of State and are authorized to work in the US.

The new community resettlement program, the Sponsor Circle initiative, will allow companies to play a vital role in employing Afghan Allies in their communities as well as providing or assisting with other needed services in partnership with local organizations.

Can your company partner with local organizations to provide employment for Afghans resettling in your community?

What is Required?

  • Willingness to employ Afghan Allies in your open roles

  • Identify one or more community organizations who you can partner with to provide additional services

Additional ways to consider providing or assisting Afghan refugee employees:

  • Daycare/Childcare Support
  • Funding of $2225 per Afghan resettled in your community for initial financial support getting settled
  • Providing basic necessities (furniture, clothing, food, etc.)
  • Assisting in completing relevant paperwork to access documentation and public benefits for which the newcomers may be eligible;
  • Connecting to relevant services, including health care, education, and legal assistance.

How Can I Get More Info?

Fill out the contact form below and we’ll reach out to you to discuss your situation in detail, answer your questions and help you determine if your company would like to take part in this program:

Business Sponsor Circles

Are you willing to provide or assist with any of the following services?
Are you interested in a revenue based loan to finance any of the above services so that you can have a pipeline of talent, become fully staffed and increase profits?


Sponsor Circles Website

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