Located near South Dekalb Mall, Gourmet Foods International is hiring for a food production shift manager. The job is to supervise parts of the cheese production in an area that is occupied by heavy production equipment where the pieces of cheese are sealed prior to pack off.  The scope of responsibility goes from the cheese staging tables all the way to the pack-off table. These responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:
  • Quality Assurance:  From the time a run of cheese is put on a staging table next to the vacuum sealers until the individual pieces get boxed and scaled, the shift manager must be alert to quality matters each step of the way. For example, from the placement of bagged cheese on the vacuum sealers, the integrity of the seals on the cheeses, water temperature for shrink appearance, correct dating, and label placement.
  • Training:  Although it is the practice to assign a new person with an experienced person while operating equipment in the pit, the shift manager oversees the details of the training to make sure that quality standards are learned and maintained.
  • Production Reports and Bookkeeping: This is the most challenging part of the job, because it demands a certain competency with numbers, computers, reports and organization. This specific part of the operation requires the manager to maintain a machine pace throughout the pit, conduct metal detection tests, set up alabeling machine, put correct dates on printers, and set up the scales with item numbers to generate correct reports.
  • Personal Reporting and Pay:  The shift manager reports to the shift supervisor usually through the shift leader. The position warrants a rate of $15.00 to $18.00 per hour.